This event will offer a basic overview on how parents/caregivers can protect their children from sexual abuse. Joe Carlton will provide you with some indicators of risk for abuse within family systems, and children. We will cover issues to be aware of in individuals who may be at risk for abusing. We will also discuss how to respond to suspicions and reports of abuse. 

Presenter: Joe Carlton, LMFT

Joe Carlton is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a certified sex offender treatment provider for juvenile and adults, who has worked with victims of abuse for 27 years.  In 2013, Joe started his own private practice. Since 2008 he has served on the governor appointed board member for the Sex Offender Risk Assessment and Advisory Board. The board oversees the certification and monitoring of persons who treat felony convicted adult sex offenders.  Joe has held positions of therapist and Assistant Clinical Director at Family Place and Family and Children's Place. He has worked with sexually abusive family systems including victims of abuse, persons responsible for sexually abusing (juveniles and adults) and their families. Joe also supervised the Shively Clinical program of Family and Children's Place treating the same population.

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