If you want to learn more about what anxiety looks like in children, how it is diagnosed, and treatment options this is the perfect presentation for you. We will also dig further into the following questions.
*        How can my child be tested for anxiety?
*        What can parents do to help their child with anxiety?
*        What are effective ways children can cope with anxiety?
*        What about life long effects of anxiety?

Presenter: Graven & Associates - Dr. Leigh Naele, Dr. Rafael Veroslvsky, Dr. Valerie Fallon

Dr. Valerie Fallon is a licensed psychologist in Kentucky. Upon completion of her pre-doctoral internship, Dr. Fallon worked with children, adolescents and adults that presented with a variety of issues ranging from adjustment difficulties to severe mental illness. She gained experience in individual, family, and group therapies as well as psychological assessment. Most recently, Dr. Fallon managed facilities that worked with individuals who were struggling with mental health crises. 

Dr. Leigh Neale is a licensed psychologist and board certified Art Therapist in Kentucky. Dr. Neale works with each individual to help them access their own internal healing and strengths, allowing them to make the desired changes in their lives. Dr. Neale is experienced in child, adolescent, and adult behavioral health services. In addition to traditional therapies and expressive therapies, Dr. Neale has completed extensive training in diagnosis and treatment of ADHD, trauma, mood disorders, and substance abuse.

Dr. Rafael Veroslavsky is a clinical psychologist licensed in the state of Kentucky. Dr. Veroslavsky has been in the mental health field for over 15 years working with children, families, couples, and adults. Dr. Veroslavsky has experience working with multicultural issues, family distress, and health related issues and can provide clinical services in both Spanish and English.

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